Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 Recap So Far...

Things have been quiet again around here, and I do apologize for that. I was trying to get some things in order and figure out the next steps for not only myself, but the site in general as well. Good news is that there have been some conclusions about just those things!

First off, things were really bad for a while there. I was out of work for a few weeks and the resulting depression and feeling of not wanting to get anything done on top of stressing out on how I was going to afford things like food and all was a little much. However, managed to dig out of that hole thanks to some really amazing people and a little creative thinking. (It's amazing what you can do with ramen noodles!)

That was the bad, and yeah, was pretty ugly. 

Not the first time either, but that's so long ago now that it's not really worth bringing up other than to say that. Anyway, I've managed to keep a roof of my head, and some kind of food around so that I don't starve...which is good. I've also decided to move later on this month. Yep, that's right, once again the Kverse HQ will be moving!

Where? Well, really just a couple of miles down the road but it's into a house with a couple of other people and that should prove to be interesting. It's going to be fun to try and figure out just how to get all my stuff into there, but my room is the largest and I think I can go the whole studio apt thing in there to get things settled. We'll see, and definitely expect to see some updates as I work on a new set and backdrop for streaming.

EDIT: None of that is happening now. Gotta love that last minute changes, right? Pretty messed up over this one as it throws a ton of problems at me, which I'm not quite ready to deal with, nor can. Not gonna go into it as the situation has me a bit too on edge right now.

Speaking of that, I am kicking back into doing Overwatch and Wildstar streams. No clue if it'll expand and I'm still working out a schedule for that, but that'll evolve over time with the new job as I get settled into a new routine. I host all those on my personal YouTube channel, so check it out if you're feeling inclined to do such.

There's also been an odd infatuation with doing "first thing in the morning" pics and posting them. You've likely seen them on my personal social media stuff, as I've been good about getting one up everyday for the past week or so, it's interesting experiment and one that I'll likely keep doing as well. At least until it becomes what it's not...whatever that is, I still don't know.

Oh! I've also changed jobs. No more delivery girl stuff for me, thank the gods. I mean, look, it was a decent paying gig and all that but it was destroying my social life, causing tons of stress due to relying on tips so much, and also just thrashing my car. All three of those things, after a year? Yeah, no...I'm so done. Get weekends off now too, woohoo!

So, that's where things are in the personal realm. What about the site you ask? 

Well, I haven't forgotten about that and I'm still working on the Haunt Tour 2016 autopsy post. That's just taking a bit of time and, if I'm honest with myself, is really hard to write. Something about realizing one's own faults and airing them out there, it's just not something I do. Well, I do, but not here...usually on social media is where you'll see some pretty raw stuff a lot of the time. Trying to bring that here too, no idea why but it seems the right thing to do.

Oh! Also, things have changed slightly in coverage for the year. Thanks to the new job, we're still on hiatus from doing event coverage. That sadly means that Tekko is out for us. Always a great con, and with it being basically just down the road, always was something we loved to do. Just not going to work with everything else going on right now. So, it's looking like the first big event for the year will be Anthrocon 2017.

In the meantime? Who knows, I'll figure something out. More than likely anyway.

That's it for now though, going to cut this one a little short so I can get a few other projects started/finished or to other various stages of things. Until next time...

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares!