Thursday, August 8, 2013

[Japan]/Can You Escape the Ultimate Fort?

Alright, I don't normally do the theme park stuff (outside of the haunt thing that is) and leave that up to our sister site, InSanity lurks Inside. However, this one is in Japan and I just couldn't pass up the bizarreness of this one at all.

Fuji Q Highland, known for it's completely mental coasters and the scariest hospital in all of Japan and their infamous "Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear" (Gotta love that name, more on that later.), has gone and created an attraction entitled "Ultimate Fort". They've been open for over a year now and they aren't kidding around with this one either. It really is insanely hard to get out of it and they boast a success rate of only 1/100,000! If that isn't daunting enough, the whole thing is like trying to figure out a puzzle while on acid...

They're really not kidding with the escape rates by the way. There's only been two successful attempts. The first was try 72,132 and the second? Well, it took a while. That was attempt 246,876. which was almost exactly 6 months later. Want further proof? Well thanks to the park website, here they are!

Oh yeah, there's another thing that makes this even harder. There's this pesky time limit thing to deal with. As far as I can tell, you only get 20minutes or so to get through the the 3300sq meters of this madness. According to Fuji Q's site description here's what awaits those mental enough pay the 800 yen to take this challenge on:
Yep, that's right...only two. Seriously hard.
Guests who take on the challenge have to try to work through a labyrinth of countless doors, corridors, and rooms and strict security set up within the fort and make it out within the time limit.
There are different stages inside, with the stages becoming increasingly difficult as you progress through the fort. Each stage is full of hidden clues, secret doorways, and other traps and contraptions all designed to trip you up.
This is not the type of maze that can be cleared by merely fumbling around in the dark. Only those who posssess the knowledge, memory power, physical strength, imagination, and most of all, luck will be able to persevere to the end and earn the rank of "Sucessful
Escapees."Successful escapees will be given a prize to recognize their glorious achievement. 
Now I'm really curious just what this prize is. After all the designers of this mindfuck didn't really hold back at all.  As they say, their aim is to test the memory, imagination, stamina, wisdom, and of course, luck. No “blind luck” successes in this place. Bummer huh? I mean what did you expect from a place that has invisible doors and all other manner of chaos within it's walls. Then again, I'm curious as to what happens to everyone that doesn't make it through...

If that's not enough for ya, there is always this commercial promoting the attraction as well:

Yeah, I'm not sure what to think about that either. Between the music and the odd writhing about by the people in those small holes in the side of things? Um...yeah. Just wow, but ya know what? It makes me want to go to Japan and give this thing a whirl and see just how hard it really is. I mean who are we to argue with an attraction that is, according to Fuji Q Highland, "For people of elementary school student age and above"?

What's it look like on the inside? Well look no further! We got ya covered there too...sort of, at least I think so...

Now, life wouldn't be complete without those strange folks from the commercial above as wallpapers would it? Oh yeah...there's even a dog! You can find more at the bottom of the website for the attraction here. I mean what else says desktop wallpaper like the bottom half of people stuck in random holes in things, right?

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