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[Furry] Anthro MMORPG "Antilia" is Definitely in a World Like No Other

Well, this is definitely interesting. Two really cool crowdfunding projects that have a definite furry bend in the same week. This one though definitely seems right up the Furry fandom's alley.

Jeff Leigh and the rest of folks over at Right Brain Games have put together something that looks extremely interesting with Antilia and the world of Forra in which the game takes place.

They describe Forra as "A World Like No Other" and "...a world that is beautiful, interesting to explore, and is filled with likable characters and friendly players."

Sure MMORPG's are nothing new, but it seems these folks have a unique slant on things that could at least be a breath of fresh air for the genre (something their trailer video points out even!). The fact that there are zero human characters, no elves and the such is definitely new. It's also really nice to see that they're not just focusing on the combat end of things as they say "we aim to put as much thought and multiplayer opportunity into acrobatics, fishing, cooking, crafting, mining, and performance arts as we put into our magic and combat."

That's a refreshing take on things and really does make this a more "living and breathing" world that's inhabited by more indepth characters and the like as well. I like it, but don't just take my word for's the Kickstarter video explaining all that and more!

Currently they're running a Kickstarter campaign to get things out of the alpha build phase and move deeper into furthering development as well as fixing some issues in order to get things geared up for a full release in the future. Right now they're just under $20,000 of the $120,000 they need to do that. Not bad for only 4 days in...

Curious for more? Sure ya are!

Map of Antilia
The game itself is set on the planet of Forra and features three intelligent races, each struggling to discover the secrets of their magical world. You've got the Taipii, artists, builders of great cities and pursuers of dangerous and powerful magic. Then there's the Sakii who seem to be sky dwelling beings who have mastered the art of transmutation making them powerful shape shifters. Then there's the Reisuii, builders of wondrous machines and vast cities in "The Deep".
    Right now there's only information out about the Taipii and the blood lines that fall within this once nomadic culture (at least that I could find), but they seem quite interesting and definitely fit the real life counterparts they're inspired by. Here's the rundown from the Kickstarter description:
    • Felo - The Felo bloodline is marked with individuals that are capable, quick-witted, but also a bit solitary.  The Felo god-pair value individuality and independence, which they pursue through more subtle means than most gods.  While proud and capable, Felos don't tend to handle tasks well that require teamwork.
    • Lupan - Lupan blood is associated with strength, teamwork, and communication.  The Lupan gods push for a democratic government where all bloodlines are equally represented, which often puts them at odds with the Kisan Monarchy.
    • Kisan - The Kisan are strong in body and will.  The Kisan gods formed a governmental Monarchy in the Taipii's early history, although their power has waned since arriving on Antilia.  Kisans tend to have a no-nonsense, get tasks done attitude.
    • Koro - Taipii with Koro blood are easily recognized by their unusual physical features - hooves, antlers, and a shorter tail.  The Koro gods became disenchanted with the political maneuvering of the other gods, and instead promote a philosophy of honor, dignity, and respect toward fellow Taipii.  Those with Koro blood tend to be level-headed, agile, and graceful.
    • Vulan - Vulan blood is associated with cleverness, playfulness, and beauty.  The Vulan god-pair live in the city of Ariiel - enjoying its freedoms while guiding the Taipii with a light hand.  Those with Vulan blood are simultaneously admired for their beauty and mistrusted for their craftiness.
    Here's a look at the concept art for each of them...

    So far the other races, the Sakii and Reisuii, won't be playable until future expansions come out. Makes sense and it seems they've got enough on their plate with what is available for now. 

    Fur pattern customization
    Okay, so far you've got my interest here. Definitely seems intriguing and the world does seem really seem massive from the video. Love the fact that it's freely explorable by all sorts transportation means as well. However, they don't just stop there.

    Seems as if there is going to be quite a lot of character customization options as well including fur patterns, fang length, ear size and a lot more. Standing out in the crowd shouldn't be too hard with all that. Add in the full crafting system for weapons and other things and they're onto something here.

    I'm also really intrigued by the whole "Virtual Game-Master" system that ensures every player experience is uniquely tailored to their preferences. Not entirely sure what they're on about there, but it seems like an interesting concept that allows players to have a more tailored experience on their preferences and not just things shoved down their throats. Could be wrong, but that's my impression of that. 

    This is definitely one that I'm going to be keeping an eye on for future developments and maybe get a little hands on time down the road. For now though, check out their Kickstarter campaign and also the official Antilia website for tons more info!

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