Thursday, August 25, 2016

[Haunts] Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Eli Roth Team Up for 2016's Terror Tram

Earlier today, Universal Studios Hollywood unveiled the final piece to the Halloween Horror Nights 2016 puzzle, and one that likely no one saw coming. This year, they'll be teaming up with Director, Eli Roth. This isn't the first time that Universal and Roth have teamed up either, the last time was for the Hostel maze back in 2011.

This time? They're joining forces to bring the legend of "Hollywood Harry" and the idea of "Phantom Clowns" to life in an all original theme for all those on the Terror Tram.

Yes, I know, it's clowns. I have a love hate relationship with the concept, but at least there's no 3D elements going on with this one. Also, it's not just clowns either. Mimes, sideshow performers, and all other manner of circus folk will be joining in the carnage. Inflatable balloon animals? No, they've decided to go and give these glorious bastards chainsaws and a ton of other fun little toys.

Additionally, it's been stated that they're going to be tweaking the layout and course that this year's tram takes. Sure, it'll still go through the backlot as it always has, but they want to incorporate some new elements and other ideas into the mix as well.

That about wraps things up for all the news out of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood this year. Have to say that the line up this year is definitely intriguing, and while a few things are a bit repeat-ish in nature, the new stuff should make up for it. I'll have a lot more coming in my megapost, covering the entire event sometime early next week!

Until next time, sweet dreams and pleasant nightmares!