Thursday, August 25, 2016

[Haunts] Knott's Scary Farm Announces 3 All New Mazes and The Hollow Scare Zone for 2016!

Just a bit ago, the minds behind Knott's Scary Farm hosted a special event within the park and dropped even more information on Scary Farm 2016! Never ones to rest on their laurels for too long, the team has come to the table this year with three all new mazes and a new scare zone to add to the line up. But that's not all...

Additionally, Elvira will be returning once again with an all new show as well as the hugely popular Skeleton Key rooms.

This year though, the Skeleton Key rooms will feature an all new element as there will be four stand alone rooms that those brave enough will have to figure their way out of.

An interesting move, as in the past all of the Skeleton Key experiences were part of a maze and themed as such. Just what do they have in store with these?

Zozo, Visions, Slasher, and Prey will be one time entry experiences that you'll have to figure your way out of using various interactive devices and elements in order to unlock the mysteries that await within. So, just what are they all about? Here's a quick rundown on the themes and what you can expect with each!

Zozo will be a ouija board inspired kind of deal where you'll have to try and summon the demonic beast known as, Zozo. Up next, Visions, where you'll be joining the Paranormal Inc team by using an augmented reality device known as the "Phantom Finder" in order to track down the spirits. In an homage to all things '70s and 80s slasher flicks, Slasher will test your wits. And, finally, a hay maze that you'll have to navigate with only the power of a lantern to help guide you...

All in all, they sound pretty cool and it's an interesting take on the Skeleton Key room in a sort of evolutionary kind of way. It's going to be interesting to see just how they work out fully.

Now then, onto the all new stuff for Scary Farm 2016!

Black Ops: Infected is the offspring of what was the Special Ops scare zone from last year in Camp Snoopy. For 2016 they've taken it back stage and given it a whole new face lift.

Also unlike last year, this time there's no real waiting. Just hop in line and get to your zombie killing in a whole new cityscape full of close encounters with the infected that lay in wait. Hey, it's zombies and laser tag, don't argue it!

The second new maze for 2016 is The Red Barn.

This one really doesn't do much for me, as it's a pretty old cliche as far as haunts go. Queue the redneck murder family and let the carnage ensue. Sure, it's effective and there's tons of room to play with, but it's a bit cliche at this point in the game.

Either way, should be interesting to see just what Knott's does with it.

Finally, we come to a totally new idea that I didn't see coming at all...Shadow Lands.

Take a journey with the soul of a disgraced samurai as you navigate a twisted world full of Japanese mythology and folklore.

Nothing is worse than dying dishonorably, and this is a search of that ultimate honor, death in battle.

Okay, gotta say, this idea is pretty great and I may be slightly biased given my love for Japanese mythology and folklore. However, that aside, I gotta give them credit for going way out on a limb and doing something that no one else really has. Asian mythology? In a haunt outside of the region? Well now...color me intrigued!

There's also the all new scare zone, The Hollow, which will take over where Special Ops: Infected was in Camp Snoopy and extend a bit out of the area as it's planned to take up 6 acres towards the front of the park. Within it's confines you'll come face to face with the Headless Horseman and more. Always fun to take a spin on the old classics from time to time and with that much room? Yikes!

That's not all though, another returning maze is getting a bit of a facelift and some not so minor additions made for 2016 as well. So, just what is that you ask?

Back from it's debut in 2015 is the return of Dead of Winter, but this time they're adding in a bit of a Canadian and Great Lakes folklore layer to it all with the addition of the Wendigo. Which, given the name...makes sense.

Again, not a totally new concept, but they're breathing some fresh life into this one on it's sophmore effort and that's always a fun thing to see happen. Even better? You won't be totally lost with the story if you didn't get to it last year, so win win!

And there ya have it, everything that's new for this year's Knott's Scary Farm! It's an impressive list, and while a couple of things kinda fall flat for me, overall things look like they're keepin on keepin on with the carnage train that they dish out every year. It's going to be interesting to see how a couple of these concepts play out with the public as they haven't really been done before, but only time will tell on that one.

Also, check out the full video of the event from Knott's directly!

Stay tuned for more news from haunts all over the US, and the rest of the world, and stay tuned as Haunt Tour 2016 is getting ready to hit the road and bring you the best haunts we can track down once again!