Friday, August 26, 2016

[HT2016] Haunt Tour Planning Stages are Go!

I'm running a little behind on things for this year's Haunt Tour, but having done it so many years now it's pretty easy to get things rolling. The first couple of weekends are coming together fairly well, even if there are some weird scheduling conflicts going during September. While it's a bit stressful and chaotic, I'm going to actually try and do some live streaming of the process and show just how the thought process works for that.

The reason for doing this is to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes a bit more so maybe others can relate or get some ideas for their own travels to haunts during the season. Last year I was doing updates from the road in hotel rooms and all sorts of odd places, which is something that I plan to continue to do this year as well but taking it one step further.

The series will be covering a lot of different topics and situations throughout the year as they come up. There's really no way to predict what things will be talked about as the issues and triumphs that happen are an ever evolving thing that grows out of the madness, so it's a little fly by the seat of your pants in that regard.

That's about where things are right now and I hope that you can swing in and hang out for a bit as I likely pull my hair out and rant about various issues surrounding this year's tour. No matter what, it's gonna be interesting, no way around that!

So, stay tuned on G+, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the announcements of when the streams will be going live.