Friday, September 2, 2016

[HT2016] Week Zero Overview

It's been a slightly busy week around here as I've not only been doing haunt news pieces as things have been announced, but also some site clean up and more Haunt Tour 2016 planning. This year is looking to be a little more "run and gun" style than previous years but I think that'll just add to the mayhem of the whole thing.

On the site front, there's been some changes to the Haunted Attractions Review page as well as the Haunt Tour 2016 main page. Both were just some house cleaning affairs that needed to be taken care of, but overall I think that things are looking how they should be for the most part. For now, I don't think much will change there except in the way of updates as they need to happen over the course of the next 9 weeks.

Speaking of that, only a week until hitting the road and getting the beautiful mess that is Haunt Tour off and running. I will have a video upcoming about where we're going and some news about the haunts that we'll be hitting, but that won't be until Monday most likely, we'll see.

Still a lot to take care of in that department, but am feeling the energy needed to make the journey more and more each day. Going to be a little tricky at times, but I'm sure we'll manage.

Other than that, getting back into the flow of things here and there should be a ton of articles coming that really have nothing to do with the tour itself, but it's an overall good thing as there will be a lot of reviews coming in the next couple of months.

That about wraps things up for now, so if you want, check out the Week Zero video below and stay tuned for more haunt news and the next tour update in a couple of days!