Saturday, October 15, 2016

[HT2016] Halfway Update for Haunt Tour 2016

Well, four weeks (technically 5) through this year's tour and things have been pretty interesting so far this year. Hit quite a few locations that I haven't been to in a few years, and even a totally new event that just started this year. All in all, the quality has been exceptional at almost every haunt that myself, and the rest of the team, has managed to get to.

It's been a crazy, nearly 2,000 mile journey across Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio so far, and while only 9 haunts have been visited, it's still be quite the adventure on a lot of levels. Sharing some of the experiences with members of the team I don't get so see much, has been a really fun thing to do as well. 

I've absolutely loved seeing all the new and creative ways that the teams behind these creations have come up with to become even more amazing than they already were. Huge love to them for keeping on what they do and coming up with such insane new things all the time.

However, that said, it's with a heavy heart that I have to say that last weekend was the last for Haunt Tour 2016. Due to circumstances out of my control, I just can't finish out the final few weeks. I may be able to get to a local place or two, but those haunts in Cincinnati, Long Island, and possibly Baltimore will have to wait for another time. I really wish it wasn't the case, but life just won't allow for such right now.

The plan at the moment is to continue working on the past reviews that I need to finish and get out and then that'll be that. With so much going on, it's really all I can do. To those haunts I have been to, thanks so much for letting me check out your awesome creations this year, and apologies for not getting the material out sooner, it is coming.

Stay tuned for more details concerning the site coming in the near future.

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