Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thoughts on Wake-up Pictures...or Something

Well, I said things were gonna get a little more personal around here, and here we are! Nothing like three pictures of myself at the top of a post to drive that one home. I admit, it's a bit weird for even me, but there's a purpose for it! I think anyway...

So, what's with this whole wake up picture thing? I've actually gotten some questions about that and I figured that I'd kind of sit and down and try and dissect just how the whole thing came about, and where it could be going. It's still a little messy in my head, so bear with me on this.

I have no idea how it started...

I think the first one was done back about three months ago now. That was just a one shot thing, then another came around only two weeks after it. More goofing around than anything else, and not really much of a trend either. About a two weeks ago though, I stumbled across those two thanks to a couple of folks commenting on them via Instagram. My conclusion? Let's do another...which turned into a regular thing since.

What happened since the first one taken on March 3rd? I'm not even sure, just something clicked. So, kind of fell into the habit of taking a shot and using it everyday with my normal waking posts on social media. The cool thing is, a few other people have started to do it as well! Not as frequently, but it's still pretty cool to see the various states of wakeful people.

I mean really, look at these two...it's awesome!

That brings me to the why do this at all? 

Well, I have no idea. Seriously, I don't. Though, it's become kind of addictive and it's sad that I can only do one a day because the weirdness of them has become sort of endearing to me. Sure, that might sound vain, but this is catching myself in a unique light that's not typically seen other than me every day either. Is there some kind of statement there? Some sort of grandiose plan?

The photographer in me wants to say something deep and meaningful, but that's just blowing smoke up everyone's ass. I do it because it's fun and that's really all there is to it. Though...now that I'm thinking about that, let's let the inner photographer out.
It could have to something to do with awareness on some level. Showing people that there's a beauty in all of us, even if we're all messy hair and looking like some half dead form of a human before caffeine. Maybe some of that ties into my own journey through transitioning as well? I'm not sure as that thought process hasn't fully fleshed itself out yet, but it very well could be a way to document and show the world that we're just silly little creatures like the rest of you.
Well, that was insightful and could be the true root cause of this. It could also be that and that it's fun to do and the answer is both reasons on some level. Again, I really don't know but it's a possible thing to consider in the end. I will be continuing it for as long as it seems like something worth doing. How long? Could be months, a year, longer? No clue.

Anyway, that's about it on that one, just figured I'd put some thoughts down about it and get back into the swing of writing here. Yes, you will see more of this kind of thing, along with more regular news and articles that used to happen around here, which will now be happening again so it'll be regular...so yeah, buckle up! Gonna be a weird year!

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