Sunday, June 25, 2017

[AC2017] Anthrocon Week 2017 is Upon Us!

Just a few days until taking the plunge and completely submersing into the weird and wonderful world that is Anthrocon once again. Yep, that's right, from Thursday thru Monday morning we'll be live from Downtown Pittsburgh! So, just what can you expect from us, from the con itself, well...look no further, here's the entire breakdown of things!

First up, it's safe to say there will be a ton of coverage from this year's dances at AC, and that's because they're just so damn much fun to shoot and cover. It's something of an energy thing and trying to capture those moments is just an experience.

That said, here's the rundown of the DJ scehdule and all of us here are extremely excited to see the return of Ra1maker this year on Friday, and looking forward the insanity of the Swedish Dog Mafia (0ddj0b, DJ rK and Veyote) on Saturday night. What about the rest of the schedule? ya go!
  • 9p-10p: Rory 
  • - Fursuit friendly, top 40, and otherwise good clean fun.
  • 10p-11p: Dragonboy - Funky electro breaks
  • 11p-12a: Vander - Melbourne, Electro, Dutch House, Big Room
  • 12a-1a: Big Blue Fox - A cheese platter
  • 1a-2a: - Hardstyle, big room and trance
  • 10p-11p: Cosmik - Top 40 and europop
  • 11p-12a: Dreanix - House and bass music
  • 12a-1a: Pilot - Deep house, house, funk
  • 1a-2a: Ra1nmaker - Hardstyle, big room, trance, pop
  • 11p-12a: Firr - Fursuit friendly pop and top 40
  • 12a-2a: Swedish Dog Mafia (0ddj0b, DJ rK and Veyote) - It's gonna be really loud
  • 2a-3a: n00neimp0rtant - Melodic bass music
Looks like an interesting line up, and as mentioned before, there's a few things that I'm looking forward to seeing personally and that always makes things more fun. Now you're thinking, well, what else is on the schedule, right? Well, I can help ya with that.

This year, we're going to be something extremely interesting with the Floor Wars Dance Competition but I won't spoil that one until we're on site and about to shoot but we'll be bringing the entirety of the comp to you all this year. Yes, it's a little crazy to do since we'll be doing that for 2 hours and then rushing right over to the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom to get in on the dance festivities that night. Can we do it? We shall see!

Of course, we'll also be covering the entire fursuit parade. Last year's was a bit of a challenge, mostly thanks to the absurd amount of fursuiters and some weird positioning that we ended up in. However, this year I'm gonna do better, and hopefully have more coverage in multiple places so that the whole team can help cover. Ya know, just in case I miss someone...hate when I do that!

There's also a really good chance that there will be more main dance competition coverage as well, but that depends on timing and where we find ourselves throughout the event. I'm going to try and catch at least the finals in full though. It's just too good not to.

So, there ya have it. What the Kverse team will be focused on for this year. Why don't I have much else scheduled? Well, that's simple really. I don't much like to tie myself down to schedules when at at a convention and instead prefer to just flow with the chaos of it all. Where, and what, ends up getting covered is just luck of the draw, and what myself and the rest of the team experiences.

As always, the schedule for this year's Anthrocon is out, and you can find that over on SCHED as per the usual. It's actually really just helpful and I'm glad it's there. Mostly because I'd be lost without it while on site, I'm...easily distracted, to say the least.

And with that, going to close on the pre-coverage for this year's AC and get myself into gear. Got a few things to take care of in other areas of news before the event and of course packing, all the packing! So, if you're going to be there this year, let us know and we'll see you around the con for sure, just look for the crazy vixen up on the stage taking pics!

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