Sunday, August 27, 2017

What a Long Strange Trip

Life gets pretty weird sometimes, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.

Yes, I know that's not the direct quote but the modified version definitely fits things as of late around here. All I can say is that the past two months have been totally insane, and keep getting more interesting. But, before I get into that, no I'm not dead and the site will live on!

Now then, things started off back in June with heading to Anthrocon for our 5th year of covering the event and what a blast that was. Not only did I have someone new coming to event, but met new people and reconnected with some others that I haven't seen in a very long time.

It was one of those weekends that was just so entirely necessary that even the drama within the group I was with didn't really bring me down. For me, at least, Anthrocon is just that fun. I'm still working on the pictures, video, and everything else from that weekend too. As you'll see, life got weird after that...

Only about 10 days after AC, I found myself on a plane and headed to New Mexico. The reason? One could call it a "taming session", of sorts. For those not into the BDSM community, it's something of a rather intense thing to go through and quite enjoyable, for both parties involved. Then again, it's not like I could ever be "tamed", right?

I'll spare all the details but I can say that it was a helluva trip and the 13 days that it lasted was just something that I won't forget. Again, there was weirdness and drama around it, mostly thanks to the airlines and me missing a connecting flight that I was on time for (just barely) but that's a whole other thing.

The big takeaway was that the trip really hit the spot and got my mind into a place where I could focus on the next adventure that I was up against...

Pennsic War 46.

I had about 55 hours of turn around before heading out for that once back home. Did I mention my life is nuts yet?

Pennsic War is something that I talked about last year, and something that I sorely missed going to every year. That break between going regularly, when I look back at it, was a mistake and I really should've never stopped. It's home for me, and I love my family there. For those that don't know, Pennsic War is a 17 day reenactment camping event that takes place about an hour north of Pittsburgh and it's an amazing experience for those that can make it, but it's not for everyone.

To say that war is fun, may be a bit of a misnomer depending on the context, but I can definitely say that in this case. Not only is it fun, but it's a magical place and there's just so much to do and for me, a lot of people to catch up with and reconnect. I actually have a hard time putting into words just what it's like for me but having gone for so many years, it's just part of the fabric that is me.

Basically, if someone knows me? They know of Pennsic and sometimes get lucky enough to go with me. Again, I didn't get a ton of pictures but at least I got more than last year and definitely going to be working on getting more and more each year now. Not that I'll have much choice in that, but hey...documenting the years there is never a bad thing and I wish I would've done more in the past!

This is where things started to get even more bizarre though...

Not only was war a blast, mentally exhausting, spiritually rejuvenating, and a helluva good time, but it was also where I found out that the world I was returning to after was being turned on its head. Again, can't slow this girl down and despite learning that my roommate/significant other of a sort was moving out, I still managed to have a good time as best I could. However, that was also the wake up sign that I had to do something I dreaded, move.

So, thanks to a whole bunch of circumstances, I had to pack up everything (as much as I could during breaking down randomly), find homes for my cats, and get out of dodge within a week. Did I mention I just got back from a month of not even being home?! Yes, things were hectic and I kinda fell apart. I'm still waiting for the crash actually from it all but it'll come.

After a very hectic time and a final two days of getting things into storage and packing cars, we were off and headed to, guessed it, New Mexico again!

The timing of the 1400+ miles drive couldn't have been more weird either, right during the eclipse and while we didn't hit totality, we got within 95% and it was a trip to see!

All in all, I did finally manage to home all of the cats. Tink, stayed local and went to Carrie over at InSanity lurks Inside, and the other four (Athena, Tucker, Tiger, and Peanut) got to go on a bit of a road trip to their new home on a farm in Kansas! Stressful, sad, and full of weirdness, but I'm finally getting settled least enough to write this out.

Now then, what does this mean for the Kverse site? Well, almost nothing. However, it does explain the lack of posting in the past couple of months and kind of dictates where things are headed in the future. I'm still going to be covering conventions with TwitchCon being the next on the slate, and possibly things like Furry Fiesta Texas and a few others. Haunt Tour? That one's a bit more iffy, where I'm living now is kind of in the middle of nowhere but I'm doing my research and just may be able to get some in Western Texas and California. Hard to keep this girl down, no doubt about that!

And there ya have it. Everything that's brought me to this post. It's going to be bumpy, weird, and strange from here on out but this little slave girl is gonna do her best to bring the crazy just as always. So, stay tuned and until next time, remember...

Sweet screams and pleasant nightmares!

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