Monday, September 18, 2017

Haunt Tour 2017 and Other Ponderings

Well, as covered in my last post, things have gotten a bit hectic around here as far as myself goes in the realm of normal life and I've found myself living in New Mexico of all places, definitely didn't see that one coming (No, still not over that one). Of course, I don't even really know what "normal life" is these days, but hey...we'll go with that descriptor for the moment here.

Things have been kind of at a standstill with me, and I do have to apologize for that as I haven't really been keeping up with the news from haunts and other seasonal events here that are coming up here. However, been keeping an eye on things here and there and I do plan to get some stuff out there about a few that caught my eye in the next few days. The whole move and getting my brain in gear just has taken a bit more time than originally planned, that's all.

So, what of Haunt Tour 2017, the point of all this writing today? Good question, and I've taken a good bit of the morning here to try and figure that out. This year, marking the 6th official year of doing this this, have decided that it's time to split things up a little. In the past I've traveled to pretty much every haunt we've covered, which is kind of insane when you really look back on a few of the years.

Last year, things got cut short thanks to some fairly horrible real life intervention that left me in a state that I just couldn't continue, it also meant that a lot of reviews went unfinished as well. That part still kind of stings as it's the first time I really didn't finish a lot of them and kind of haunts me (pun rather fitting) some a little bit as this season approaches.

Anyway, this year I'm going to be handing over the reins somewhat to our very own haunt addict and reporter, Fil! Yep, that's right...while I'm not able to get to pretty much any place in the Northeast this year, I'm gonna let him run a bit lose on the matter and see just what he comes up with. It'll be interesting to see his full take on events, and while he's doing that? I'm gonna scrounge around down here in the Southwest to see just what's lurking about...

Can find all those details as they come on the Haunt Tour 2017 page!

I do know that one location I'm going to be hitting up isn't a haunt at all. In fact, don't even really know what to call Meow Wolf, but I'm looking forward to the journey into the weird that it least from what little I've seen on it.

I have been purposefully keeping myself in the dark with it so that I go into it fresh, so who knows what to expect. I'm guessing some kind of acid trip that I'm likely not wholly prepared for, sounds about right.

I'm also hoping to add the first ever California haunt to the mix while out at TwitchCon in about 6 weeks here too. Since we're staying at the Queen Mary, only fitting they throw a huge Halloween event every year and why not check the place out, I mean, seems like a sign to me, right?

So, there ya have it, kind of what's up with things as of late. I do have another update coming very soon regarding the day to day life around here and a ton of haunt news that I haven't gotten to, but it's coming, don't you worry!

Until next time,

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares

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