Saturday, October 21, 2017

TwitchCon - Day 1: Lines, Food Trucks, Ghosts and Why is the Rum Gone?

Hey everyone! Back again with another little look at things here in Long Beach, CA and the first official day of TwitchCon. Not only that, but managed to get over to Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary for some haunting fun as well. Been a really long and weird day, but a pretty good one.

So, without further ado, let's get on with it before I pass out from exhaustion again.

First thing is first, the start of TwitchCon itself. Sure, we got badges on Thursday and hooked with up a few other streamers we know, but today was the first day of the expo floor being open as well as panels and all that running. No, we didn't hit the Keynote speech, but did witness an epic line outside.

How epic? Well, Jon Snow was there, and we all know that's never a good thing if you're waiting for things. Anyway, the line did eventually get moving just after 1pm and folks started to get into the place.

I can say that while I understand the practice, things took a really long time and the entrance was definitely a choke point in the early bit of time to access the convention center space itself. Later on the day? Totally fine.

Once we did manage to get in, about 45min later (no, we didn't wait in line the whole time, we were smart and let it catch up to where we had parked ourselves), it was like entering a streamer's wet dream. I'm not gonna lie, there's a ton of really awesome stuff to see, games to play, and even streaming to do. The whole set up is pretty mental, and while we didn't exactly get a ton of time on the floor today, it was still a lot fun and we know exactly where we're going tomorrow.

I should put in here that we did make it to a panel, this is worth mentioning because I almost never actually go to the things when I'm at conventions, unless I'm running them or on it. Though, hey, even I can't be perfect.

Other than that? The only real big complaint is that Twitch was apparently really cheap and didn't spring for the convention goers to get wifi. Vendors and exhibitors have it, but not everyone else. So, unless you have Verizon, you get no signal in the building...which a huuuue issue and not sure how they fucked that one up. That said, that's really the only big thing I can gripe far.

I'll have more on the convention and maybe getting detailed about things after a second day on the floor and trying a bunch of things out that I saw today. Should work, in theory...we'll see!

We did cut things short with the convention itself today, but that was for a good reason. While out here, I had been invited to check out Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary. This was kind of a really good coincidence since we're staying aboard The Queen Mary, so it's right here!

There's not going to be a full review until I get back to the comfy confines of the Den of Debauchery with Mistress, but I can tell you that we had a blast with the event tonight. Sure, we get a bit of the royal treatment and there's no waiting in lines or anything like that as we're guided around. So, our experience isn't the same as everyone else's. That said, as always, it won't influence the way I review or look at the event through my eyes and past experiences.

However, I will say that there are some that's are lacking with a few of the mazes, while others were on point and just killing it. Overall, like many events this size, there's a ton of alcohol around and that makes me a little iffy on the acting standpoint as drunks can spell trouble Tonight? It seemed like everyone was just chill and no one was overdoing it...pretty cool to see if I'm honest about that. I'll have a lot more in the full review soon!

Overall? Had a blast with the event and after hitting up all the mazes and seeing a couple of the shows, we decided to head back to the room and just chill for bit. This was partially because my feet were fucking killing me...I'm not used to this shit...I'm a house vixen, remember?

Anyway, not long after we hooked up with ToothpicVic, who Mistress is the community mod for, and then headed over to an after party with some other streamers and friends which was really cool. New friends are always awesome, right? This is also when we discovered that rum around myself, Vic and a couple others is a bad'll go missing very quickly.

And, that about wraps up day two out here in Long Beach. Tomorrow is a full day of TwitchCon and then another round of Dark Harbor as it's where the convention party is later that night. Definitely going to use that and see just how things go again. For now though, much time for the sleepins, this vixen is beat.

So, until next time...

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares!

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