Friday, October 20, 2017

TwitchCon - Day Zero: Driving, Tires, Lack of Sleep and a Ship That Doesn't Move!

Seriously, I can't make up the past 36 hours at all. Not only was it insane on the drive out here, but we narrowly avoided a major tire issue and still managed to make it to Long Beach in about 16 hours.

Yep, that's right...1100 miles in 16 hours as we kind of platooned our way through the driving.

Well, okay, let's be honest, I did most of it.

Why? Mistress was tired as hell from having to be on call for like 4 days straight and let's face it, I'm used to this kind of thing after a decade or so of road trips, conventions, and other insanity. So, I ended up driving about 12 hours of the 16. Seriously, this is just something I've grown so used to it doesn't even really phase me anymore.

I'm a total crack monkey, but here I am at 1am local time, writing something. What is wrong with me?! Oh, wait...lots of things...let's not go there.

There's been like an hour of sleep somewhere before I woke up and went "I need alcohol and I need to explore!" So, like any intrepid explorer, I put on my game face some, made a rum and root beer and then started off to explore an 80 year old monster of a cruise ship that we're calling home this weekend.

First thing I noticed immediately? The haunt that they have going on in their "backyard" and from the looks of things, it's pretty damn amazing! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us and who knows, maybe they will, as they say, "scare the ship out of us".

This has been one of those haunts that I've wanted to visit for years now, and I finally get the chance! (insert fangirl squee here)

It's going to be one helluva an experience and I'll bringing the whole thing live on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook so stay tuned!

Other than that? Been a pretty relaxing day, managed to pick up our badges as well as pre-con swag bag without any issue or wait at all and then got some food (again) because all of us were pretty damn hungry again, even after the insane lunch at Slater's 50/50. Which, if you haven't gone? You soooo need to, place is awesome.

After checking in and all that, managed to meet up with a friend and fellow Twitch streamer in ToothpicVic and then we made our way back to the hotel after a quick grocery store run to make sure we had things on hand for snacking when just relaxing here.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Tomorrow is the start of TwitchCon, and I'm actually really curious to see just what I think of the whole thing. Why? Well, that's because I usually just do fan run conventions and this one is a bit more industry. Either way, it should be fun and amusing to see just what they have in store.

It's also really nice to not actually be working this event. Sure, I'm doing the Dark Harbor event as press for the haunt end of things here, but the convention itself? Nope, just here to have fun and see what the deal is. That said, I'll still take tons of pictures and go crazy with's what I do, right?

Anyway, it's past 1am here now and I really should get my skinny ass to sleep. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow night and of course follow along with the chaos all day and night as I get into the swing of TwitchCon 2017 and Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary!

Until next time,

Keep Safe, Kick Ass and Pleasant Nightmares!


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