Advertising Information

Well, if you've found yourself here, I thank you for taking the time to consider advertising with us at Kitsuneverse. Not only to do we strive to bring the latest news from haunted attractions, conventions, anime, and other pop-culture aspects but we try to do so in an informative and entertaining manner for our ever growing readership.

There's not many people who do what we do on the scale that we do it. Sure, there's lots of review teams out there, but we're one of only two that travels the country as a unit and brings all the latest news from all over the industry and beyond. So, in that case, we're quite unique and the people seeking us out are total haunt and cosplay fanatics, travelers and just all around adventurous.

Benefits to advertising with us:

Our readers come from all over the world (and possibly a few off it) and we average over 5,000 visitors a month. During our busier months in the fall, that number grows to well over 10,000. With having been around for just over 3 years, our audience is still growing and we have a demographic that's often not considered nor tapped, the haunt and Halloween lover of all ages. There's quite a bit of crossover into other things that we cover as well, but Haunt season still trumps everything else. So, if you're about Halloween, it's the perfect time to advertise with us!

Additionally, since our ads are hosted locally that means no ad-blocking software is going to rob you of views from readers of our site. This not only means more exposure, but no risks of click-fraud or other issues with third party advertising systems.

Primarily our social audience is focused on Google+, but we are growing in other areas well. Here's a rundown of our audience across a wide variety of networks (as of August 17, 2015).
  • 5,271 followers on Google+
  • 374 followers on Twitter
  • 226 followers on Tumblr
  • 61 followers on Instagram
  • 87 likes on Facebook

Advertising Options:

We hope to keep things extremely simple and low cost as we realize that we're not the biggest names out there, but definitely are one of the most unique. Due to our growing audience, pricing may fluctuate a bit depending on the time of the year, size of the ad and run time desired based on our readership numbers and reach on various social networks.

Please keep in mind that all artwork is to be supplied by you. All of the sizes listed scale down from industry standards in those categories very easily too. Sadly, those standards don't fit within the layout of the site, but a 300x600 image scales to 250x500 without any issues along with other sizes to meet the 250x250 and 715x150 options we have.

250x250 Column:

For just $50 a month/30 day cycle this ad is seen all over the Kitsuneverse pages and never rotates out. It will be visible on every page that our readers visit all of the time and will not suffer from adblock programs.

To increase visibility, we are only offering up 4 of this type of ad at any one time. Too many decreases the value and visibility. We believe in giving you the most for your money and this is the solution that we've come up with that best facilitates such.

250x250 Pricing Options

250x500 Column:

Maximize the exposure with the 250x500 vertical ad at only $100 per month/30 day cycle! Again, this ad will never rotate and be visible on every single page that our readers see.

Once again, we're only offering 4 of this type of ad at any single time as well. While this size add is quite large, we still want to maximize the visibility and value that they bring you and your business.

250x500 Pricing Options

715x150 Post Footer:

This is a unique one, and as such we'll only be accepting one of these at a time. These ads will be placed in a very prime location at the bottom of articles.

Not only will they appear at the bottom of the first article on the home page, no matter how often the site is updated, but also at the bottom of every single article that is either expanded or viewed via a direct link as well.

715x150 Pricing Options

Sponsorship and Other Promotional Information:

Any sponsorship requests are open for consideration as well and we'd love to work with anyone that can provide services that would be of benefit to both Kitsuneverse and InSanity lurks Inside. Specifics of such a deal can be worked by contacting us.

Promotions/Sponsorship that we would be interested include, but are not limited to;
  • hotel accommodations
  • computer equipment
  • camera equipment
  • travel aids/goods
  • printing services
  • cash donations
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!