Since the launching of Kitsuneverse in June of 2012 by Kayla "Kit" Hazard, we have striven to create more in depth, unique and varied content from the world of Haunted Attractions, Pop Culture and Anime Conventions, Cosplay, Anime and more that our readers may (or may not) find interesting.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the haunted attraction industry and nearly 55 years on the convention circuit between them, the Kitsuneverse staff is confident in bringing the best and most unique content to you.

Our mission is to bring you the most honest and comprehensive coverage that we can, period.

Editor: Kayla "Kit" Hazard

Kit, has been attending various forms of conventions since the mid to late 90's and has been cosplaying since as well. And, as long as we're counting reenactment events and renaissance faires, it stretches back into the mid '80s.

Starting in 1992, Kit began a journey into the world of Haunted Attractions that continues to this day. Starting at a small local hayride and then eventually moving onto larger events such Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and Pittsburgh's ScareHouse.

These days you'll find her in search of the most extreme and over the top Halloween Events and conventions all across the US, same goes with the nearest bar...hey, it happens.

Currently living in near Pittsburgh, Kit uses these experiences traveling all over to visit, review, and report on various conventions, haunted attractions, and other events in search of the best chaos and adrenaline rushes with co-conspirator, Carrie of Insanity Lurks Inside.

You can contact and connect with Kitsune Hazard outside of this site at the following places:


Assistant Editor: +Carrie H.C. 

The creator and editor of InSanity Lurks Inside, Carrie has worked in and covered the theme park industry since the mid 90's. In addition to this she has also worked at various haunted attractions since the same time period, ranging from professional theatrical productions to mom and pop hayrides, nationally recognized houses like The ScareHouse and mega budget spectaculars such as Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.

She has also been attending renaissance faires, reenactment events and conventions since the the early 90's and is an avid cosplayer and costume maker.

Currently she travels about with Kitsune Hazard in the Pittsburgh area, and beyond, using her skills and experience while roaming the United States to cover theme park/amusement park news, haunted attractions and conventions with a unique and sarcastic slant that is one of a kind and definitely unique.

You can contact and connect with CK (aka Carrie) outside of this site at the following places:
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InSanity Lurks Inside

Gaming News Editor: +Jessica "Pixel" Archer

Pixel has been in and amongst gamers since she was five years old.  Not just the video games kind... but the board, and tabletop.  By necessity, she picked up tech skills, and later, community management skills.  She enjoys writing about games and tech, initially as a hobby, but now with more gusto.

She specializes in writing about the off-kilter, the games that may not be blockbusters, both new, and old... but have some endearing quality to them that keeps communities alive and thriving around them.

She bought her first D-20 at 12, and has been Irredeemable ever since.

You can follow or contact Jess in the following places:

Field Reporter/Haunt Review Team: +Filip Muncan 

Fil is an avid reeinactor and lover of all things Halloween and Haunted Attraction. Having recently joined as the newest member of the Kverse team during Haunt Tour 2014, he's provided a unique and valuable insight into the attractions that he's visited. It's no surprise that he's coming back once again and will be going to even more haunts in 2015!  

Speaking of reenactment, Fil has doing events with the SCA and attending renaissance faires and other such happenings all over PA and beyond!

Public Relations/Reporter - Madeline Actrice

Madeline Actrice is a voice actress and part-time PR person (mostly when Kit and Carrie have had too much to drink [always]). Famous for her youtube channel (with 22000 subscribers and 7.5mil views), she tags along with the rag tag misfits when she can manage, and always has a great time with them.

Not only can you catch Madeline with us, but as said before, on her immensely popular YouTube channel, and can also follow along with her on Tumblr as well!

YouTube Channel

And there ya have it, the main cast of misfits and conspirators that make up the Kitsuneverse staff. There, at times, others who join us in our misadventures, but until they stick around as long as this motley crew has? We'll just leave them out of it...