Since the launching of Kitsuneverse in June of 2012 by Kayla "Kit" Hazard, we have striven to create more in depth, unique and varied content from the world of Haunted Attractions, Pop Culture and Anime Conventions, Cosplay, Anime and more that our readers may (or may not) find interesting. These days, things have shifted a little bit, but we're still doing what we do in association with our sister sites 24x79 and The Viking Vixen.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the weird that is Kit, aka Vixen, as she navigates the weird world around her!

About the Author

Kayla "Kit" Hazard

Kit, has been attending various forms of conventions since the mid to late 90's and has been cosplaying since as well. And, as long as we're counting reenactment events and renaissance faires, it stretches back into the mid '80s.

Starting in 1992, Kit began a journey into the world of Haunted Attractions that continues to this day. Starting at the small local, Sleepy Hollow Hayride and then eventually moving onto larger events such Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and Pittsburgh's ScareHouse. She's also worked closely with Hundred Acres Manor and Castle Blood in the course of her career.

These days you'll find her in search of the most extreme and over the top Halloween Events and conventions all across the US, same goes with the nearest bar...hey, it happens.

Currently living in Southern New Mexico, Kit uses these experiences traveling all over to visit, review, and report on various conventions, haunted attractions, and other events in search of the best chaos and adrenaline rushes.

You can contact and connect with Kit outside the site here:


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