Convention Reviews

Well, as I've said I don't just review haunted attractions but also cons. They take up nearly as much time as the haunts but thankfully they're spread across an entire year and not just five weeks!

Having been to a ton of conventions, I like to look into what makes them tick and see if they're really worthwhile for people to attend from a unique, on the ground perspective that is as low impact as we can make it.

In most cases, every convention is worth a visit to that we've seen, but sometimes traveling hundreds, or even thousands of miles, and having a bad time sucks. So, that said, I'm doing my best to review these conventions in a fair and objective manner.

You won't see any point systems or any of that nonsense around here either. Not because we don't believe in them, but we feel that it's impossible to quantify many of the experiences that we have during conventions. It's just not fair to you, nor us, to try and put a number value on them with how many factors are involved. Conventions are a fluid and bizarre blend of controlled chaos, what number system can really do them justice?

Anyway, here are the past conventions that we've reviewed. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to attend and report on conventions of all shapes and sizes!

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - Anthrocon 2015 
Fursuiting: Part 1, Part 2, Fursuit Parade
Floor Wars: Slammin Down with Floor Wars 2015!

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - Tekko 2015
Cosplay: Part 1, Part 2
Masquerade: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Skit Competition: Part 1

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - Anthrocon 2014
Review: Pittsburgh's not so Secret Annual Furry Invasion

Ontario - Toronto - Canada - Anime North 2014
Cosplay - Part One, Part Two
Masquerade - Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Otakubaloo Stage (coming soon)
Review - Better Faster More!
Video (coming soon)

Pennsylvania - Oaks - National Haunters Convention and Halloween Show
Costuming - Part One, Part Two
Review - NHC/Halloween Show 2014

Pennsylvania - Monroeville - Steel City Con
Review: Steel City Con Spring 2014

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - Tekko 14
Cosplay - Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Masquerade - Part One, Part Two
Skit Competition - Part One, Part Two
Review - Tekko 2014 - Still Going Strong
Interviews - (COMING SOON!)

National Harbor - Maryland - Katsucon 20
Cosplay - Part One

Ohio - Columbus - Ohayocon 14
Cosplay - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Review: (Something coming soon, we think, maybe)

Ohio - Columbus - Ohayocon 13
Cosplay - Day One - Overall  

Ohio - Sandusky - Colossalcon 12
Review: 4 Day of Poolside Crazy
Cosplay: Part 1, Part 2
Music: Raver's Anthem

Ontario - Toronto - Anime North
Review: A Tale of Two Cons
Cosplay: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Masquerade: Part 1, Part 2
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - TekkoX-2
Review: Quality over Quantity
Cosplay: Masquerade, Cosplay Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Music: Dazzle Vision Crushes Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh - Anthrocon: Fast and Furrious (NEW!)
Fursuiting: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Music: A Raver's Dream
Review: Taking Pittsfurgh by Storm
Video: Anthrocon 2013 Playlist

Rochester - New York - Tora Con
Video Review (by +Kyle Dunn )

New Jersey - Secaucus - BronyCon Cosplay
Ohio - Sandusky - Colossalcon Review 
Tennessee - Franklin - Geek and Media Expo (GMX) Review
Virginia - Hampton Road - Nekocon Cosplay

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