Monday, January 7, 2019

Photography Challenge: Week 1 - Story Telling: Self-Portrait

So, I've decided to try something this year. Something to make my own abilities in an area that I love grow and improve. In this case, photography and I think a 52wk challenge is just the sort of thing that's needed to see what happens throughout the year.

Not only will help with skills and all, but will likely get me out of the house more, which isn't bad either!

First week's challenge was a sort of "self portrait without the subject", a way of taking a picture that explains you, but without in it. A sort of encapsulation of things. Not easy to do, but I think I may have lucked out in having a pretty awesome backdrop for streaming. Kind of just came to me, the lighting was a lucky break...

No filters, just what the lens and sensor captured. I think it's pretty good. Definitely not my best work, but it'll do for this part of the challenge and got my brain kicking in the creative space again. Something that was sorely needed as of late. Anyway, there will be one of these a week as we go through. Next week? Rule of Thirds Motion. That's gonna be interesting!