Friday, August 9, 2013

[Japan]/The Insanity of Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

It's nearly haunt season and with that in mind, we can't leave the Japanese out of the equation for insane haunted attractions. So, as I mentioned yesterday with the Ultimate Fort post, here's Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear! At least they're honest with their names over in Japan. It's long been known that the Japanese have a very special take on all things horror as well. Some of their greatest movies being that of mere myth and legend amongst Western horror fans. So, it's no surprise that they would have one of the most insane haunted houses on the planet as well.

SLoF was opened in 1999 and nearly every year since, Fuji Q Highland has done something to change, lengthen or otherwise make this slice of Japanese nightmare fuel even more insane. Originally the attraction was only 500m in length, at the time, the longest in the world. However, that was quickly surpassed by various haunted attractions in the US and Japan. As it stands now, this maze of terror is a mind blowing 900m (2952.7 ft) in length and covering two stories within the confines of Fuji Q Highland. Sure there are bigger ones out there these days, including the world's largest Dead or ALIVE (also in Japan)...but this was the first monster unleashed on the world. So, it has a special place amongst it's peers.

Another really cool and unique part of Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is that you can "star in your horror movie" as it were. They do this by attaching what looks like GoPro cameras to helmet mounts so that you're entire experience can be recorded and saved. Why? Well, why not? Not to mention just think of the fun you can have sharing how terrified you were with your grand children,eh? Everyone just loves up the nose shots of you screaming your longs out.

This video from 2011 shows how they strap the camera on ya pretty well. There's also a good bit of the attraction itself. Sadly, it's only the second half of it. We hear that the first half is a lot that possible?

Not content to sit still, every year or so the creative madmen behind this attraction revamp everything from just a few scenes to changing up the layout and even adding in even more length. This year is no exception to that as they've redesigned nearly everything and extended things to reach it's current 900m length.

Here's a little rundown of what they've added for this year's experience:

  • Quarantine Ward
  • CT Scan Room
  • Diagnostic Exam Room
  • Third Operating Room
  • New Mortuary
  • Second Long Corridor
  • Bacteria Lab

I've got to admit, whatever they're planning for the Bacteria Lab and CT Scan Room are probably pretty insane. The names alone make the mind go a bit out there with some pretty messed up imagery. Though, maybe that's just me...

For this year they're also boasting that the attraction will take at least one hour to get through as well with all of the new additions that they've made. Which, when you consider that the fee to get into this mind bendingly twisted attraction is a mere 500 yen. Yep, that's right, you get one of the world's largest haunted houses for only $5.19 US. That could be the scariest factor of all...

Want a little more? Here's video footage of the queue line that explains a little about what those waiting are going to be getting themselves into. It's all in Japanese, but I think the jist of it is clear enough...

While there's no way that I'll be making it out there this year (way too many haunts to hit in the US),  here's to hoping that one day soon a trip will be possible so that we can experience the madness first hand!

If you've made it out or are planning to, let us know here at Kitsuneverse. We'd love to hear about your journey into the chaos of this place.


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