Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Convention Travel List for 2019!

Okay, yeah, this is a bit early on and I'm really not sure what events that I'll be able to get to personally, but I do have a short list of ones that I would love to at least get back to. A couple here are even first time events for me, or at least would be.

There are mostly furry conventions on here, which isn't a huge surprise given my interests around here but in the past I've focused more on Anime conventions in some years as well. So, its' time for the furry convention circuit to rise a bit more once again!

So, without mincing words too much more, here's the list!

July 4th-7th: Anthrocon!

This is a convention that I simply adore, and I haven't been to for a couple of years now. Getting back to Pittsburgh for this one really high on my list. However, if not someone from the site will be there to cover it in all it's glory.

Speaking of, check out this amazing video from last year's event done by our partners at LatticeRose Studios.

July 26th-August 11th: Pennsic War

This event is near and dear to my heart. I've been going for more years than I can remember and it's more of a pilgrimage than anything else. Sure, it's not exactly a convention as it's a 16 day long medieval reenactment camping event, but it is what I call home.

I'm not sure if this is one that I will hit, and something I don't necessarily cover that much, but I do talk about it enough around here and other places online that I think it should be included on the list...

October 4th-6th: Alamo City Furry Invasion

A new challenger has appeared! No, seriously, I've never been to this one before and only seen pictures posted on Twitter, but the event looks like a ton of fun and definitely would be a cool thing to go see. Not to mention the fact that this year's theme is Cyberpunk, and that's a really hard thing for me to steer clear of...I love love the genre so much it's almost scary.

The other benefit is that this one is a bit closer than Pennsylvania for me as well, seeing as how I live in Southeastern New Mexico now, a six hour drive to San Antonio is a bit easier than getting to Pennsylvania, right?

December 5th-8th: Midwest FurFest

On my bucket list for a long time now, and I almost ended up going back in 2016, but everything in my life kind of went to shit and back. That said, I have never been to Chicago, and always wanted to. So, what better way to go about that than hitting up a FurCon at the same time?!

That said, it's looking like we'll have staff on site either way for this one this year but not entirely sure on that one yet.

And there ya have it, the list of things that I hope to get to for the site here. Right now it's looking good for a couple of them, maybe. I don't really know for sure with things, and a lot just depends on what I can afford to get to. I hope all of them, but I'll take just a couple out of the lot here as well!

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