Friday, October 20, 2017

TwitchCon - Day Zero: Driving, Tires, Lack of Sleep and a Ship That Doesn't Move!

Seriously, I can't make up the past 36 hours at all. Not only was it insane on the drive out here, but we narrowly avoided a major tire issue and still managed to make it to Long Beach in about 16 hours.

Yep, that's right...1100 miles in 16 hours as we kind of platooned our way through the driving.

Well, okay, let's be honest, I did most of it.

Why? Mistress was tired as hell from having to be on call for like 4 days straight and let's face it, I'm used to this kind of thing after a decade or so of road trips, conventions, and other insanity. So, I ended up driving about 12 hours of the 16. Seriously, this is just something I've grown so used to it doesn't even really phase me anymore.

I'm a total crack monkey, but here I am at 1am local time, writing something. What is wrong with me?! Oh, wait...lots of things...let's not go there.

There's been like an hour of sleep somewhere before I woke up and went "I need alcohol and I need to explore!" So, like any intrepid explorer, I put on my game face some, made a rum and root beer and then started off to explore an 80 year old monster of a cruise ship that we're calling home this weekend.

First thing I noticed immediately? The haunt that they have going on in their "backyard" and from the looks of things, it's pretty damn amazing! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us and who knows, maybe they will, as they say, "scare the ship out of us".

This has been one of those haunts that I've wanted to visit for years now, and I finally get the chance! (insert fangirl squee here)

It's going to be one helluva an experience and I'll bringing the whole thing live on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook so stay tuned!

Other than that? Been a pretty relaxing day, managed to pick up our badges as well as pre-con swag bag without any issue or wait at all and then got some food (again) because all of us were pretty damn hungry again, even after the insane lunch at Slater's 50/50. Which, if you haven't gone? You soooo need to, place is awesome.

After checking in and all that, managed to meet up with a friend and fellow Twitch streamer in ToothpicVic and then we made our way back to the hotel after a quick grocery store run to make sure we had things on hand for snacking when just relaxing here.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Tomorrow is the start of TwitchCon, and I'm actually really curious to see just what I think of the whole thing. Why? Well, that's because I usually just do fan run conventions and this one is a bit more industry. Either way, it should be fun and amusing to see just what they have in store.

It's also really nice to not actually be working this event. Sure, I'm doing the Dark Harbor event as press for the haunt end of things here, but the convention itself? Nope, just here to have fun and see what the deal is. That said, I'll still take tons of pictures and go crazy with's what I do, right?

Anyway, it's past 1am here now and I really should get my skinny ass to sleep. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow night and of course follow along with the chaos all day and night as I get into the swing of TwitchCon 2017 and Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary!

Until next time,

Keep Safe, Kick Ass and Pleasant Nightmares!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cold Weather, Streaming, TwitchCon, and Even More Halloween Decorating!

It's that time again, and it's been a really strange week on top of that. Like, more strange than usual but we'll get to that here in a bit.

First thing though, added a little bit of color to the logo for this one. Why? Well, my hair is pink so it seemed fitting to do! There's really not much other reason than that to be honest, and I'm not sure it'll change as my hair does but we'll see how things shake out over time, yeah?

Now, onto the weather. I'm not joking, the start of week was brutally cold around here for this time of year. It wouldn't have been bad hanging about int he 40s, but had to drop to the 30s and then have winds gusting to 50mph on top of it. Seriously, this is south of where I was! Why in the ever loving hell is colder?! Well, altitude is playing a part on that, but still...not fair!

I don't mind the cold, but this vixen definitely isn't a huge fan of when it gets so cold you don't want to leave the bed. Top that off with the fact that we kind of have spotty heating here in the house, at best, and it's a recipe for vixenrito to happen...and often. Here's to hoping that things stay warm-ish in the future, right?

Back on the streaming front, been at it and a lot lately!

So far, in the past two and a half weeks, I've hit 30 hours. The scary thing there is that it's not even full streaming hours I've set for myself. Once I hit those? It's gonna be a lot more...

In the matter of shameless self promotion, should check out my channel if ya get the chance and like watching a girl somehow manage to get through random games, creative things, and just life in general. Never know what'll happen!

Speaking of Twitch. I'm writing this on the morning of us leaving to head out to TwitchCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA. Yep, that's right, this vixen is gonna be let loose in California for a weekend of mayhem as only I can provide. Though, in an interesting spin, I'm not actually covering the convention as I have others in the past here. Nope, this is just a hair down and ankles up kinda weekend for me...well, almost...

Why for? Well, you see, while I'm out there I'm gonna also be checking out this year's Dark Harbor event at The Queen Mary. Which, coincidentally enough is the hotel I'm staying in and also the host to this year's con party for TwitchCon. Talk about serendipity.

It's looking like Dark Harbor is giving a ton of access to the event for us, so definitely going to want to keep it here and the like for all the details, really looking forward to this one!

Either way, I'm super excited about the trip and almost enough to forget about the 14+ hours in a car each direction that's coming on. I'll manage, and likely go insane. So, you'll definitely want to follow along with all that madness on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ as I updated from the road and take a slow dive into the weird.

Hmm, what else...

Oh! Right, Halloween decorations! I haven't made a ton of progress on our little bat friend, but there has been a little bit.

As you can see by the pic to the right, there's definitely a good amount of things happening. One of the issues that I ran into was that the plastic wrap I was using, just isn't strong enough on it's own and I need to have another set of hands in there to make sure it doesn't blow all over the place.

Overall though, getting good coverage and some really cool effects that are just itching to be stained.

There's still the snake and the ravens to do yet as well, but that'll all come after next Monday. I also hope to put all of these into one big post for those who may want to attempt something last minute!

Okay, I think that might be it...maybe...

Yep, it is. Keeping this one short so I can finish up packing and other such things before we go.

So, until next time...

Keep Safe, Kick Ass, and Pleasant Nightmares! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

No ID, No Bag, No Candy? One Western Pennsylvania Town Seems to Think So

I remember Halloween as a kid. We were out until the wee hours of the morning, and entire neighborhoods were out and enjoying the festivities. In fact, it's hard pressed to recall a time when I was home before midnight on the most fun and mischievous night of the year. Laughter, screams, the costumes and the wonderment of it all. Some of my best memories growing up are from that night, but it seems one town is trying to ruin it for everyone...

With that in mind, one Western Pennsylvnian town seems hellbent on ruining those very same memories for the next generation.The town of Mt Pleasant has come up with a hair brained idea that not only is an insult to the growing up process, but pretty idiotic in its own right and has helped fuel this rant of mine.

In their ever growing quest to destroy Halloween for the kids in the Mt Pleasant area, the folks running the place have decided to ram an even bigger stick up their ass than usual. Just how are they managing that one? Well, I'm glad you asked that.

This year, they've spent actual money on special bags for kids. Well, no, not for the kids. It's for parents and other residents who want to discriminate regionally on the chance that kids from another town will come and invade for candy. Get over it, they're going to.

To get a bag, and you can get as many as you want (do we see a problem here with that even?), you have to show ID that clarifies you live in the town and then you get your bag (pictured above). ID FOR TRICK OR TREATING! What in the debaucherous seven layers of hell is that about?!

Apparently the Mayor has also forgotten that kids will wander entire towns and go to different neighborhoods. “For a number of years, there’s been complaints growing that there’s seven or eight children that live in one area, and there was 300 that came for candy,” Mayor Jerry Lucia said.

That's what happens when you have kids who live in one part of town and then wander into the next. What are you going to next Mr Mayor, say you can only trick or treat within a few block radius of your home? What about the kids just outside of the borough? They exist and have nowhere to go, so they go to the nearest town, yours.

That quote above is the fuel for the claim, by the Mayor and police department, that some of elderly struggle to buy candy for the amount kids that come through the neighborhoods during their sweet induced annual migratory pattern. Sadly that's not anyone's real problem here, and while the holiday  can be rough on fixed income people, there are ways around it if the town thinks on it some. Maybe should help there instead guys.

The Mayor went on to say; “It’s up to the resident [themself],” Lucia said. “If they see the person doesn’t have a bag and they weren’t registered, then they can use their discretion.” and this choice bit of wording "there won't be any candy police out, and it's up to residents".

Now that is just asking for even more trouble and doesn't sound like it'll really fix anything!

Just imagine the slew of kids getting turned away at the door, crying, angry parents, and likely some coming back later for the inevitable toilet papering or egging. Is that what ya really want? Because that's what you're going to get. Want to branded the cheapskate or anti-Halloween, or anti-fun? This is how ya make sure those folks get those labels.

This wouldn't be so infuriating if it wasn't their own fault too, because it very much is.

In it's infinite wisdom, Mt Pleasant doesn't do trick or treating when every other town does. Oh no, that would be too simple and easy to quell the number of kids. They'd be busy in their towns that night, right? Well, instead, they've decided on doing it either the Sunday before or even sometimes two weeks before October 31st every year. Do they not understand how this is creating the very problem they're now trying to fix? Not to mention they even run the times in the early after afternoon, usually about 2-4pm. Come on guys!

So, by the towns own stodginess to begin with, it's created a situation that's ripe for kids and parents from other nearby towns to come and get a second helping of trick or treat fun, or a warm up to their own town's event. There's no conflict, so why wouldn't they?

If you're out there Mt Pleasant, or similar towns, get on board with the holiday and let everyone enjoy it and you'll see things turn around for ya. For now? You look like the kids that steal candy from smaller children just because they can and think it's amusing. You know what happens to those kinda people? They end up in cages inside witch's huts...I've seen Hocus Pocus, I know!

In closing, don't ever let this kind of thing happen to your town, and if you're out there reading this and have thought about it for your town? For the love of all things spooky and creepy, don't!

Until next time,

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares

Saturday, October 7, 2017

October, Pink Hair, Halloween Decorating, Movies, and More!

It's been just over two weeks, so definitely time for another one of these, at least it feels like there should be one. That, and it is only a few days into my favorite month of the year, October!

First up, need to get something out there. I'm not one to really complain all that much about things, but holy crap are things far away from where I live currently. Seriously, it was a nearly 3 hour trip just to get to a Walmart that I could use my insurance at.

That's lunacy. But, I did it anyway and it was kinda cool.

No, I haven't totally lost my mind, but there is a chance that the drive did melt some wiring upstairs that was important to some kind of rational thinking. And, I know that many will say "But you drive crazy distances for haunts and theme parks", which isn't a wrong thing to say. The difference here? I'm getting out of the car for a long while at the end of those trips!

I really had no other business in the town I was going to other than this, so was kinda just an out and back thing. Gonna plan that one better next time...assuming there has to be a next time for that purpose.

Anyway, that gripe aside, onto other things, like hair colors. Most folks know me from the red hair that I've been sporting for, well, a long as while now. However, sometimes you want a little change and this past Thursday was that day...