Wednesday, September 20, 2017

[Haunts] Sink Your Teeth into 'Feast' - the Newest from The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor for 2017

Well, well, here we are getting back into the dirt of Halloween season and first up, taking a look at a haunt that I haven't really covered in a couple of years. Why? Well, every year is different, and this year it's time to take a look at what's new for 2017 at this year's Queen Mary's Dark Harbor event!

The last time I wrote about this was regarding the Anubis paintball experience that they had a couple of years ago and since then, quite a bit has changed. So, here's what's new for 2017.

First up, this year's new maze - Feast

Hey, who doesn't like a good meal, right? Though, I'm not sure that you're enjoyment of what's being served is really their concern this time around. Judging by the description from the site? Looks like we're the main course...
"NEW this year and for the FIRST TIME EVER - a 4th maze aboard the ship!  The all-new Feast will take you on a terrifying journey into areas of the ship that have never before been accessible to Dark Harbor guests. During WWII when The Queen Mary was in service as a troop transport ship, an enlisted military man serving in the ship’s kitchen quickly moved up in the ranks to become a highly decorated Chef.  Unbeknownst to the soldiers traveling aboard, Chef had a dark side.  Quietly he would sedate a few soldiers at a time and collect them in the middle of the night to prep them for his latest dishes. 
Eventually caught, the Chef was thrown into one of his own ovens and cooked alive. Ever-faithful to Chef, his dutiful kitchen staff sacrificed themselves to become his evil henchmen, burning themselves in the same oven. Chef and his evil crew went into hiding aboard the ship for many years.  Largely forgotten these long-time stowaways aboard the ship have resurfaced to resume their deadly duties by collecting new victims for some of Chef's latest recipes.  Are you ready to be served?"
Yep, exactly as I had thought (and secretly hoped), we've got some seriously messed up crew folk that are just looking for a tasty entree. I'm thinking this one goes a little bit past Gordan Ramsey levels of anger management and straight into the Donner Party realm of things. I'm 100% okay with this and really am curious just how they're gonna go about things in this one. A lot of ideas are running through my  head, and having seen a number of diner/hotel oriented mazes in the past, this one sounds like it's gonna be a fun one to compare to those.

Now then, that's not all Dark Harbor has cooked up for this year either. For those that survive, or only lose a chunk or two, in Feast; there is a reward of a few new liquid libation offerings. Though, maybe you'll need the liquid courage beforehand...nothing wrong with that either.

First up on the adult libation offerings is the all new ice bar experience, dubbed fittingly, The Meat Locker.
"Venture into the frozen depths of Chef’s Meat Locker where he keeps his latest victims on ice.  This one-of-a-kind ice bar experience will take you into a 7-degree environment for up to 20-minutes if you can stand the frigid cold!  Choose from a curated selection of flavored vodkas to create your custom tasting flight, but keep one eye open for Chef to make sure you don’t end up in his next recipe."
Okay, so it's something that'll likely cost extra and all that (couldn't find the info on the site) but I love how they've themed it to the new maze. That's something which I always appreciate as immersion is key to getting folks in the mood and having an even better time, at least in my opinion.

Next up? Something I can't quite put my finger on actually, the Chef's Feast Experience.
"Are you ready for a “Feast”? Join the newest member of the Dark Harbor monster family as he takes you on a terrifying trip through the galley in our brand new maze."
Is this something culinary related, a backstage kind of thing, or a special tour of things? The wording here is a bit vague and I'm gonna reach out to see if I can't dig up a little more information and bring whatever this is to the surface. Mostly because there is a $99 cost to this and now I'm really curious of what exactly it is for that price, ya know?

And there ya have it, everything that's new coming to 2017's Dark Harbor event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. For more information, dates, hours, and a whole bunch of other stuff, hit up their official website and if ya like, tell 'em we sent ya!

Myself, along with Pixel Jess and a few other of the crew will be attending Dark Harbor a bit later in October, so stay tuned for our experience and if you go before we do as they open on Sept 28th, let us know what ya thought in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares

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