Saturday, August 27, 2016

[Haunts] The Ward, Blood on the Bayou, and more coming to Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt 2016

This one slipped in rather quietly from the folks at Dorney Park for Halloween Haunt 2016, and it looks like a couple of changes are coming to this year's event. From the sounds of it, both Asylum and Desolation have both been retired and in their place The Ward and Blood on the Bayou take their places. Additionally, there's a new menu for this year's Mansion Meal package, and it appears that's about all that's new.

So, let's get into the meat of the situation here and see just what the newest offerings are, starting off with the food. In the past the Mansion Meal has been something truly special, but there have been some changes to it. Not only has the former Executive Chef, Jan Giejda, left for Stratton Resort but they've revamped the menu once again too. 

Mansion Meal Menu (click to enlarge!)
There's no word on pricing for the package, but I'm willing to bet it's going to be in the $99 range as it has been in the past and if the foods anywhere near as good as it has been in the past? Definitely going to be worth it. 

Another thing, this is a very limited seating, only 24 people a night and this year runs only Saturday nights in October (8,15,22,29). If you're gonna do it, book early!

I've also heard word that the Mansion House Hotel maze is getting an overhaul as well, which isn't a bad thing here as I think it does need some more detail, and upgrades all around. It's was still one of our favorite mazes each year but changing things up a bit is never a bad thing!

Now then, with that out of the way, let's get to the two new mazes coming to this year's event!

First up? Blood on the Bayou.

Seems to be that this will be taking over Desolation's spot which was across from the Cedar Creek Cannonball and under White Water Landing. I'm not super surprised with this one, Desolation had been around a few years and was definitely in need of another update or something else all together.

One does have to wonder if they'll do the same combination of indoor/outdoor trail kind of hybrid maze that they did with Desolation on this one as well and I think that would work to their advantage greatly if they did.

Another note, it seems that the voodoo/bayou theme has taken a hold with many haunts out there and is still in the midst of a resurgence as more and more events are doing themes around it. I'm not complaining as I think it's a classic and should be around for a few more years at least many places.

Next up, the other new maze for 2016, The Ward.

This one has me a bit leery as it is the supposed replacement for Asylum, but it seems as if the theme is nearly the same? I'm sure they've gone through and changed up quite a bit on this one but I'm not sure how much they can do with keeping the thematic end so close together like this.

However, if this is just another evolution versus a full on overhaul, that may not be a bad thing either as the wording on the official site of, "With the impending state foreclosure these orderlies have some loose ends to tie up", has me thinking that this is the last year for an Asylum based maze at the haunt, at least for a little while. Only time will tell on that.

And there ya have it, that's the new stuff coming to this year's Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park. I'm looking forward to making another trip during this year's Haunt Tour, and I'll be doing a full rundown on the event early next week either here or in a video (maybe even both), so keep an eye out for that when it hits!

Until next time, sweet screams and pleasant nightmares!