Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cold Weather, Streaming, TwitchCon, and Even More Halloween Decorating!

It's that time again, and it's been a really strange week on top of that. Like, more strange than usual but we'll get to that here in a bit.

First thing though, added a little bit of color to the logo for this one. Why? Well, my hair is pink so it seemed fitting to do! There's really not much other reason than that to be honest, and I'm not sure it'll change as my hair does but we'll see how things shake out over time, yeah?

Now, onto the weather. I'm not joking, the start of week was brutally cold around here for this time of year. It wouldn't have been bad hanging about int he 40s, but had to drop to the 30s and then have winds gusting to 50mph on top of it. Seriously, this is south of where I was! Why in the ever loving hell is colder?! Well, altitude is playing a part on that, but still...not fair!

I don't mind the cold, but this vixen definitely isn't a huge fan of when it gets so cold you don't want to leave the bed. Top that off with the fact that we kind of have spotty heating here in the house, at best, and it's a recipe for vixenrito to happen...and often. Here's to hoping that things stay warm-ish in the future, right?

Back on the streaming front, been at it and a lot lately!

So far, in the past two and a half weeks, I've hit 30 hours. The scary thing there is that it's not even full streaming hours I've set for myself. Once I hit those? It's gonna be a lot more...

In the matter of shameless self promotion, should check out my channel if ya get the chance and like watching a girl somehow manage to get through random games, creative things, and just life in general. Never know what'll happen!

Speaking of Twitch. I'm writing this on the morning of us leaving to head out to TwitchCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA. Yep, that's right, this vixen is gonna be let loose in California for a weekend of mayhem as only I can provide. Though, in an interesting spin, I'm not actually covering the convention as I have others in the past here. Nope, this is just a hair down and ankles up kinda weekend for me...well, almost...

Why for? Well, you see, while I'm out there I'm gonna also be checking out this year's Dark Harbor event at The Queen Mary. Which, coincidentally enough is the hotel I'm staying in and also the host to this year's con party for TwitchCon. Talk about serendipity.

It's looking like Dark Harbor is giving a ton of access to the event for us, so definitely going to want to keep it here and the like for all the details, really looking forward to this one!

Either way, I'm super excited about the trip and almost enough to forget about the 14+ hours in a car each direction that's coming on. I'll manage, and likely go insane. So, you'll definitely want to follow along with all that madness on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ as I updated from the road and take a slow dive into the weird.

Hmm, what else...

Oh! Right, Halloween decorations! I haven't made a ton of progress on our little bat friend, but there has been a little bit.

As you can see by the pic to the right, there's definitely a good amount of things happening. One of the issues that I ran into was that the plastic wrap I was using, just isn't strong enough on it's own and I need to have another set of hands in there to make sure it doesn't blow all over the place.

Overall though, getting good coverage and some really cool effects that are just itching to be stained.

There's still the snake and the ravens to do yet as well, but that'll all come after next Monday. I also hope to put all of these into one big post for those who may want to attempt something last minute!

Okay, I think that might be it...maybe...

Yep, it is. Keeping this one short so I can finish up packing and other such things before we go.

So, until next time...

Keep Safe, Kick Ass, and Pleasant Nightmares! 

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